Goji tree

lewis1017August 20, 2013

I started a goji plant from seed. It is now 4 years old,

12 feet high & I have not seen a flower or any fruit yet. Aside from a nice tree/bush, I am frustrated that n
It has barred no fruit. Any thoughts?

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My goji bushes flowered the first year (this year) but no fruit. Are you sure that it is a goji? Mine are spindly spikes that do not stand upright yet.

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seedlings are inferior, should have planted a cultivar like crimson star, starts fruiting first year

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I have the same situation with my goji. I can't find any specific advice for raising Gogi, pruning, etc. Have seen a few flowers and nothing else.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I planted my goji roots in early June 2013 just now counted 20 young berries on cane that was 3 foot long short canes about 10, but flowering barring every day I've got fix canes so stand up only have tomato cage on now. 3 bumble bees was working flowers they were blueberry bumble bees.

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