Odd honeyberrry growth

canadianplantAugust 9, 2013

This year honeyberries are finally available in decent numbers here. They have been all the rage in the last few years in canada (possibly with a bit of bias, since they have been popularized by the U of sask)

Anyways, I got 4 plants - 2 borealis, one Honeybee and one Cinderella. One of the borealis and the cinderella went in the ground in late may and the last borealis and honeybee went in by late june, early july.

The borealis and cinderella were planted in an area that gets sun for at least 6 hours a day, and are near other plants such as hosta, rhodo and ferns. The honeybee and other borealis are about 10 feet away, near a south facing corner, and get just a bit more light. They are next to a seeding pear.

The first plantings - borealis and cinderella have not grown at all. They do not seem to be dying or rotting. No fungal disease or pests either. It gets weirder, when the second borealis I planted hasnt done a thing either, when the honeybee, right next to it, has put on a good 6 inches of growth.

Anyone have experiences like this?

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I planted a borealis and a cinderella in pots in April in Norther Virginia while I was waiting for construction on my patio to be completed. They were in an area that got about 8 hours of sun. They grew a bit in the pots, but not much. I transplanted them into their new homes in raised beds near my new patio in June. They now get about 6 hours of direct sunlight and a couple of hours of filtered sunlight. Like yours, they have not grown at all, but do not appear ill. Perhaps they are putting their energy into root production?

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That is what Im hoping. They are honeysuckle, and if Im not mistaken, they tend to need to settle a bit. I know that there can be a dozen or so reasons as to why they slow down, I was hoping that someone would have had a similar experience. Lots of things do this for a year when planted anyways...

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I have had similar experience. Northwoodswis

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danzeb(7a long island)

I planted Blue Sky in the ground this May. It has no new growth but has not died and looks almost the same as when I planted it 3 months ago except for a small amount of insect damage. Hopefully it will survive the winter and grow next year.

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Again that is my experience. I have a feeling we are all going to br pleasently surprised at how much they grow nextyear


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