cherry virus: signs and risks?

windfall_rob(vt4)August 6, 2013

How prevelant are they (cherry virus)? Are there obvious symptoms or just diminshed yield/vigor? Anything else to be aware of.

Several years ago I budded mesabi onto some wild pin cherry at the edge of the orchard.
The trees have done well and I re3ally liked the fruit I got from them this year.

The problem is one is doomed to a short life. I hacked it back hard and grafted to the watersprouts, but the main trunk is now 50+% rotten. And the other tree is in a less than ideal location for sun.

I was thinking of taking some bud wood from these trees and propagating onto a young Surfire that has thrown out a vigorous, well placed watersprout from below the graft but....

When I was first quizzing folks years ago about grafting to the wild trees I was warned by several nurserymen that they were likely loaded with virus (they never saw the trees they just felt this would be true). "Who Cares", I thought it's an experiment, the stock is there and free.
But if this is likely to be true, I am a bit reluctant to potentially infect this new young tree and the Jubilium that is planted essentially in the same hole (roots are likely fused).

I often feel that with pommes the whole issue of virus infection and grafting is overblown, and I generally don't worry too much about grafting in feral stock....but I have no real evidence to back this up and it could be a bad practice.

Any thoughts?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Haven't seen anything on my cherries but I think I have some on the other stone fruit. It shows up as discoloration of the leaves. I'm trying to get rid of those plants but have recently had symptoms on trees the first year planted. I think it's coming from the nursery but could be off base.

So far I can not see any negative effects on the fruit yield or eating quality.

Virus on first year Sweet Treat:

Virus on Flavor Treat:

Virus free Flavor Treat: same age, rootstock and source.

Virus on pluot:

Virus on nectarine:

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


The most prevalent stone fruit virus I hear of is X disease (technically not a virus, but behaves like a virus). Supposedly any trees on mahaleb will die fairly quickly. They say a lot of wild chokecherry carry the disease.

I really don't know much about identifying viruses in stone fruit, but I think the bad ones are pretty obvious (ringspot viruses, dwarf virus and plum pox).

The only experience of wild cherry I have is the sort of wild cherry in my backyard. About 10 years ago my father-in-law dug up a seedling under some grafted cherry tree and planted the seedling in my backyard. The foliage is healthy other than sometimes it gets cherry leaf spot (Surprisingly the fruit is really pretty decent.) The disadvantage is that it sends up tons of suckers I have to keep mowed off.

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That's how my pluerry looked like before it died----oohhh, the watering issue was not the problem, it was the virus; The leaves are going to die first, then the rootstock.

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That's how my pluerry looked like before it died----oohhh, the watering issue was not the problem, it was the virus that killed my pluerry; The leaves are going to die first: First, the leaves will turn yellow, then brown and finally the rootstock will eventually die--it's going to show signs of dryness.

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Thanks for the info

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