early evaluation of 2 new Rutgers donut peaches

alan haighAugust 18, 2013

Bear in mind that this is the first season I've tasted fruit from Buenos and Tango2 but I thought a description might help people decide on whether to try either of these two Rutger's creations.

I'm in southern NY, and it has been an exceptionally good season for stone fruit this year, the best I've ever experienced but the following observations are hopefully valid indicators.

BuenOs is subacid, a bit like Saturn but much more color in the fruit's skin, larger and at least a week (maybe 10 days) earlier. Very light yellow flesh instead of white It's also got a meatier texture. It is not as juicy as Saturn either, probably meaning its less subject to brown rot but there's still plenty of juice to make it palatable. I think its color is just beautiful- think tequila sunrise. It keeps in the fridge when firm ripe for two weeks without any change whatsoever. I don't know what it's storage limit will be.

TangO2 is nothing like the original TangO. It is almost a green peach without the same tang as TangO, but an interesting, hard to describe flavor without the acid tang of the original.

It is said to be challenging for the commercial grower but seems easy enough to me. As Olpea suggested last year, it will probably be the perfect peach on sites where bird pecking is a huge issue as the peaches are a unique lime tinted ivory color- not a hue likely to be identified as ripe fruit.

My wife has been taking photos of various fruit this season including these. When the madness of this years incredible harvest is over I will try to submit some photos.

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I am frustrated by fruit in the market, each having a sticker pasted on it, each label seeming contrived to contain NO information useful to the purchaser. Peaches labeled as "white' or 'yellow', not even 'cling' or 'freestone'. When I ask the clerk he does not know what I mean and when I explain, he does not know which they are. It is an impossible dream to ever consider they would be labeled by variety. Thanks for your evaluation, I would love to make my own without having to grow the tree. Al

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alan haigh

Calistoga, maybe you should try farmers markets if you want to taste the best fruit and know what you are eating. Some will just be vendors there but some will be knowledgeable growers who will be able to tell you exactly what they are growing especially if you go to a very large market with many growers.

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