Why is my Apple Tree Unhappy?

madlerAugust 22, 2012


In the spring, I planted two apple trees, one Dorsett Golden, and one Anna. I've been watering them a bit more in the summer months, however while the Dorsett Golden seems to be doing ok, the Anna seems to be unhappy. Some of the leaves are curling upward, some are turning yellow and falling off, and others are turning partly brown. I've taken a few pictures that should show the different conditions.

I'm not sure if this is heat stress, overwatering, or what.

Please help!

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Here is another pic of the tree.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Are you at lower elevations? Probably so with those low chill cultivars. If so it's probably just the heat and sun. Actually your trees look pretty good.

Looks like drip irrigation. That may not be enough water. At least once a week, during this heat, flood irrigate in a basin.

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I just started to up the water to it, so I am currently watering 1 hour per day with a 2gph emitter at about 5AM when it's cool. I was watering for shorter 5 minute periods throughout the day with 10gph emitter.

Drainage is pretty good, so the water doesn't seem to pool.

Does this seem to make sense?

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