What peach tree disease is this?

olympia_gardener(5)August 14, 2012

Just found two spots on the branches. Are they cankers? Should I cut it off?

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here is close up picture.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

This looks like physical damage to me. If that is the case just leave it alone.


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Scott, Thanks. When the first one appeared, I thought was physical injury. Is it possible some animnal try to clime up the tree caused this? There is a riping fruit on top of the tree which may lure them. I have never seen a squirral do that, maybe a coon?

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The first pics looked like canker.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

It is canker. I dont understand why people say to leave it alone its just "physical injury". Every physical injury I have seen looks nothing like that and does not result, most of the time, in peeling layers with amber sap/gum.

Not trying to be rude but its canker. Some what common on peach trees. The canker causes the tree to peel like that. There are no scratch marks or cut marks, teeth marks or anything. Try cutting it back to healthy wood.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

There are about 100,000 different ways you can injure a tree and I am sure you have not seen all 100,000 of them. It also looks nothing like any of the cankers I have gotten on my peaches. I am not sure it is a physical injury, only that is my best guess based on hundreds of peach cankers I have seen.

I also think you need to learn some better manners, its not the first rude thing I recall you have written here.


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I posted my comment yesterday but I did not know where it went. I think your attitude compels me to re-post.

I am not speaking for Scott. However, from what I have read in this forum over the years (about 5 years), Scott is one the best contributors to this forum (in my opinion). He has at least 10 years of experience growing various fruit trees. His first-hand experience and knowledge is very valuable. He advice and suggestions are usually right on. I personally will take his advice anyday.

By the way, he is also polite and respectful.

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This may a bit of a hijack, so forgive if it seems that way. The procedure for canker, if it is indeed canker, was to cut it off. I have weeping canker sores on the main trunk so cutting it off means the end of the tree. Is there anything else to be done?

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I read some where that you can use small torch and torch the canker if cutting it is not feasable.

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It's canker I strongly believe. It all adds up. The tissue is destroyed underneath causing the topmost bark to peel away. Then in summer the canker is weak and the wound heals in from the outside. My peach tree is full of this. My sweet cherry trees suffered the same fate. Your picture to my eye shows classic symptoms of BC.
I would carefully inspect the rest of your tree for more outbreaks to see if any exist. And also check vigilantly each season to see what might be going on.
What sort of physical damage would take the inner layers from the branch and leave the bark? That how BC operates.

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Thank-you, It does look like what I have and investing in a torch may be the thing to do. Great discussion. :)

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Well, this is becoming quite a divided diagnosis. We have Blaze and tcstoehr voting for canker. This time, I'm going to have to put my vote on the other side.

Even though I agree with Scott's diagnosis, I don't think it is influencing my own. When I first saw the pictures, I thought it was some kind of mechanical injury that had started to heal. I wondered if it was partially healed cicada injury, since I've seen them attack in random spots like that on my peach trees.

That's not to say the wounds won't develop canker, but my guess is the wounds will heal up on their own so I wouldn't do anything.

There you go Olympia, with all the conflicting opinions, you've probably got no idea what action to take. Such is the nature of online forums (even though this is a great one).

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alan haigh

I ignore many undiagnosed blemishes on trees I manage. As long as trees continue vigorous growth and the trunk and scaffolds are gaining diameter with mostly healthy tissue the identity and treatment of every minor problem seems unnecessary.

If it's not important enough to spend $30 having a pathologist look at it microscopically the answer to this particular problem is bound to remain a mystery unless the problem gets worse. If they are cankers, they are very minor ones.

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Hi, Thank you all for trying to help. Appreciate.
Indeed, I can't make up my mind to cut it/treat it or leave it the way it is.
The lower spot on the scaffold ( the picture above) , I saw it when it was just a open wound ( bark was still green). I have never seen what the canker looks like in early stage. but all I saw is open wound. The upper one on the branch,( picture here) I noticed it about 3 weeks later. The scaffold I had pruned in mid July to select it as a scaffold for next year. If you look closely at the top spot, There is another, smaller healed wound, closer to it on the scaffold.

I have question regardless it is or it is not canker.

1) Can I leave it till next spring to determine if it is canker?? By that time, will this be able to determined clearly? If I leave it on the tree, will it speads to lower or other branches?
2) I certainly will spread something to prevent cankers. I read it is the copper solution I should use. Since I have other pear, plum trees, can I use the same solution for all my friut trees? whether "One solution fit all " type of chemical exist?

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

There several bark diseases on peach other than canker so cut remove that because not main trunk peach grow back fast it minor lost by location.

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