Berry plants not growing

brittneyt2(6b)August 7, 2013

I planted several raspberry and blackberry plants about 3 months ago, and they aren't growing. A few have died. Others have branches with pale leaves that look like they are about to shrivel up and die, but then have one or two short branches with wonderfully healthy-looking leaves.
I assume the sickly looking parts were existing branches, and the healthy looking parts are new growth?
The plants are no more than 2 feet tall and aren't wide either. They have full sun and plenty of space. I watered them twice a week when it was hot and dry, but haven't watered them in a couple weeks because we've had rain about every 3 days lately.
Any advice on what I can do to get them to grow?

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Raspberries seem to grow like weeds in our yard, so I will describe the conditions that we have and maybe that will be of help to you. Here in Madison, our soil is pretty high in clay, and has pH around 7.6. Our raspberries are in a location along the the lot line, and our neighbor to the west has a grape arbor along the fence, about 8 feet tall. As a result, the raspberries get morning sun, and they are shaded in the afternoon. This arrangement seems to suit them. In the fall, I cut down the everbearing raspberries, leaving only stubs, and heavily mulch the ground with about a foot of shredded maple leaves. The leaves will still be in place in the spring, but when the ground warms up, the worms come up to the surface, and consume the leaves during the growing season. By fall, the leaves will be entirely gone, which never ceases to amaze me. There must be a lot of worm castings in the soil around our raspberry plants, as I have been doing this for about 10 years. I do some pruning during the growing season, to remove diseased canes, or canes that are infested with raspberry cane borer. Once in a while I water the patch, if there is a drought. The patch is generally healthy and productive. I think they do best with morning sun and afternoon shade.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I use miracle grow on plants every watering they are heavy feeder so yellowing go away and put black hen from lowes this want burn plants maybe you get some growth in zone 6b before gets to cool. If can turn around they grow 4 inches aday it take 14 more day care before see turn around in plants. The black hen cake if add to much on top soil scratch into soil good. All my Blackberry plants will double in size in September and October until 20th. I have well feed and watered during this time That time they tip root best they go crazy growing.

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