What can I graft to these trees?

canadianplantAugust 5, 2013

Just doing some research before next season. I have Honeygold apple, John Pear, Toka plum, evans cherry and seedlings of macintosh apple, bosc pear, unnamed apricot , nanking cherry and a yellow plum .

I dont believe there are any rejection problems with apple grafting. I am more worried about the pears. I know there are compatibility issues with euro to euro pears, and since the John is a russian x euro pear, I am wondering if there would be any compatibility issues? I know I have Flemmish beauty scion available. The seedling has a better chance, but again, they are a gamble with genes, and who knows what can graft to it....

I am also wondering about the Toka. Toka is a Jap x American plum, and am thinking of grafting euro types to it. Is this possible? I can only imagine that you can graft japanese and american hybrids or species to them?

The same would go for the seedling plum. The fruit was small, somewhat bitter near the pot and greenish yellow, and some had a slight reddish blush. They are from ontario and the only 2 yellow plums that they grow are shiro and early golden. I believe that these are Japanese types, not american hybrids?

I asked a while ago what I can graft to nanking - And I believe they are closer related to plums and that plums have a better chance.

I cannot find too much info about grafting to EVans either. The only source I can find is konrad on here, and If Im not mistaken, he grafted some sweet cherries to them....

Lastly, any suggetions as to where i can find scion in canada would be helpful, or suggestions as to what to try.


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you seem to know more about your species then most people here, so not getting any play on your questions. My only though is the risk of virus coming into trees that were solid choices in the first place. I am a fan of variety but mostly in whole tree form.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

European plums I have grafted to Japanese plums, the graft union does sometimes bulge out when the the top growth is allot more vigorous, staking or tying is a must sometimes.

Pears go with pears of any kind.
Nanking goes for plums as I have said before in your other thread...
>>Nanking and Evans cherry grafting questionScion wood I have bought here...

Here is a link that might be useful: SILOAM ORCHARDS

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Thanks again Konrad. Ill have to get some scion from my neighbor to give it a try. He has a big old 40 year old Euro plum that I vaguely remember eating some as a kid. He calls it " an italian prune plum". Even better to know about the graft bulge.

That orchard looks like a great place to take a look for scion. Thanks again!

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