Squirrel Control - Bait Update

megamav(5a - NY)August 11, 2013

I wanted to give an update on my squirrel control this year.
Recap from another thread:

My method:

Dispatcher: .22 Caliber Benjamin Trail NP XP 1100
Bait: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds 35 lbs bag from Lowes
Bait station: 15 x 15 platform feeder with 3/4" trim to keep the seeds from falling off. Mounted on top of a pressure treated 2 x 4.

I talked about this in brief a couple of months ago, and I had been requested by harvestman to keep him up to date, but I figured I'd update everyone.

My neighbor has no less than 6 bird feeders in her yard about 40 yards away from the bait station. All bird feeders are close to her fence because she thinks its only right to feed the squirrels.

This bait is just still attracting the squirrels, and I keep putting them down one at a time. The inside of the seeds which are white make the bait visible from further away and the birds eat it as well, so its a double whammy. Where the birds are, so are the squirrels.

The squirrels still hang out in her yard, but they always come over to my yard for the Black Oil Sunflower Seed. I am approaching 50 takes since May, and I live in a suburban forest bound area, not a true open orchard like environment. Squirrels really havent smartened up other than being more sensitive to me opening the window. One time there was a scurry after I entered the room before I opened the window to "get the hell outta here".

I think they just cant resist this bait no matter how many of them I take down. I have been taking less, but there are fewer around because I've taken so many in the immediate vicinity.
It appears foraging season is upon us, and my takes have been increasing these past couple of weeks again.

I keep the seed in a Galvanized Steel garbage can in the shed to keep the vermin out.

The results are there, if you're going lethal with control, I'd recommend trying this bait. Its cheap, and its a magnet, even over bird seed 40-50 yards away.

Disclaimer: The Red Fox here eats well now. Its an animal that skims the surface with food, and I'm happy to help keep them going.

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We have one of those recently moved into the neighborhood. I welcome it and hope it finds a way to coexist with the coyotes.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


They just can't resist the sunflower seeds. Shooting them works quite well but for those that are not home during the day or are not as attentive the small havahart traps work great. Just seeds in the trap and when you get home dispose of the problem.

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megamav(5a - NY)

3 more Grays and a chipmunk today.
Fish in a barrel.

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danzeb(7a long island)

I've heard this technique also works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Water trap

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danzeb - that is diabolically ingenious!

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You guys over think this IMO. I had barrels of water out, and I killed 8 squirrels in 2 days. Not that I intentinoally killed them - They arent a problem in any way. Nothing works better then a couple of dogs, and some berrels full of water near your trees.

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I use a live trap (since my daughter and wife would use me for target practice if I killed the squirrels). I use peanut butter as bait and it works well except that chipmunks do not trigger the live trap and steal the peanutbutter. I take the squirrels 10 miles away and release them. I got 13 last year and my dog killed 7.

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black walnuts are another great option for squirrels. nothing else goes for them

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megamav(5a - NY)

Harvestman, et al,

I just eclipsed 95 takes since May, between Reds, Grays and Chipmunks.
Plus one woodchuck came to snack.
They keep coming back for the Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.

My neighbor came back from a 5 month leave of fishing on Lake Ontario and said to me this morning:
"There are no squirrels left to shoot, you got them all."


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