Pear tree squirrels

FruitopiaIndianaAugust 28, 2013

Any ideas on how to prevent squirrels from eating all my pears before they are ready to be picked? Also, I had one branch, loaded w fruit, drop off the tree. It was a good growing season w lots of rain at the time. Not sure what to do in either case. I have two trees, once loaded with fruit. Now they are almost bare due to the squirrels.

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Same thing happened to me on my apple tree. The only way I could take care of the problem was to buy a couple of have a hart traps. If you do want to release them be sure its at least 10 miles away. They took all my apples this year but it will never happen again. Spring traps don't work.

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Lot of squirrel threads here, with many ingenious lethal devices.

Harvestman advises wrapping the trunk in aluminum roofing coil so they can't climb.

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