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mpoland33August 12, 2013

Looking for everyone's go to place to buy plants.

I'm looking for strawberry, raspberry, and some fruit trees to try them in a container (probably pear, peach, or apple).

For the trees, do they have trees that don't need to pollinate with another tree?

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I had good luck with Willis Orchard. I ordered 7 trees which were delivered when promised. Only one did not live and they gave me store credit for the one that died.

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Just about all pears require a second pear tree nearby for pollination. Most plum trees and some apricots also need a pollinator.

Most apple trees also need a pollinator nearby, but there are some types of apples that do not provide adequate pollination due to extra chromosomes in their cells (they are called 'triploid'); however crabapples will pollinate apples. I see you live in PA-there are plantings of apples and ornamental crabapples, and wild apples and crabapples in the woods and on abandoned farms all over the place here, so cross pollination might not be a problem if you have only one tree.

Almost all peaches are self-fertile.

Cherries are more complicated-some are self fertile, some will not pollinate each other.

Even fruit trees that are listed as self fertile often set more fruit with another variety of the same species nearby.

At the end is a link that has more info, and there are lots of other resources on line as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: pollination matches for some fruit trees

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