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garyt33(5/6)August 26, 2013

Anyone have any good applesauce recipes they would like to share ? I usually just add a little apple juice and brown sugar but would like to try something different.

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We cut out any bad spots and then 1/2 the apple and put in a roaster for 4 hours (ish) then put through a crank thing that separates the good from the bad. the sauce comes out a shoot on the side the skins and seeds out the other end. Then back into the roaster with the lid off to condense it. I don't know how much reduction in volume, (a guess is to 75%) we decide by sticking a spoon in it and seeing how it looks and tastes. When it cools we put it in gallon zip lock bags and into the freezer.

Since we start with quality tree ripened apples there are only two recipes #1 apples only #2 Add cinnamon

I cannot imagine anything else that could be added to improve on this if starting with good apples.

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I make really good chunky applesauce. I use the golden delicious, but any will do. I cut into small square pieces and put into a skillet with a really good apple juice. I add a piece of ginger root (peeled), cinnamon, and a bit of lemon juice. Simmer until all reduces and viola! It's really yummy and my kids love it! I got the idea from a Rachel Ray show then just tweaked it to my liking! I'm an eyeball it and taste it kinda cook so I never know measurements! Sorry!

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