Promoting bark slip

luke_oh(zone 5 NE Ohio)August 1, 2012

I'm trying t budding and chip budding for the 1st time. I have about 40 root stock in pots. I've checked for bark slip a couple of times a week, but no bark slip. I'm wondering if there is any way to get the bark to start slipping? Thanks, luke

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If the tree is actively growing and well-watered bark should slip.

T-budding in particular is much easier to do on young wood- as the wood ages the bark becomes harder to work with and does not callous as well or as reliably. Others may have a different experiences, but that's the way it seems to me!

Good luck,


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Agree with Mark, the bark will be slipping when the tree is well watered and actively growing. On older thicker bark it can help to shave off some of the outer layer of bark. But not too much as the inner bark is weak and makes bud insertion difficult. Also shaving down the bark right above the T to give a ramp upon which to slid in the bud can serve the same purpose.

I remove the wood from the bud if the rootstock is about the same diameter as the budwood. This makes for a much better fit of the bud under the bark. If the rootstock is much bigger than the budwood, then leave the wood in the bud as that makes bud insertion easier under that thick bark.

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Thanks Fruitnut for the tip about shaving wood- Never occurred to me.

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luke_oh(zone 5 NE Ohio)

The root stock that I have was just a whip this spring and has shown a lot of growth since they were potted in early spring. I suppose that I can flood them with water and maybe add some liquid fish and sea weed emulsion. Do you think that topping the root stock would promote bark slip? Another question, can I chip bud without bark slip? Sorry for all the questions, I guess i'm kind of intimidated by the budding process. I appreciate your help. luke

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Flooding with water? "Yes!" Feeding? "Probably." Topping?" I don't think so, but I don't know. Chip bud without bark slip? Yes, that's one of the advantages of chipping.

No need to apologize for the questions. Without them this board has no real purpose. We're all intimidated by the different processes, and getting through that is the fun part. And you're more than welcome to the help- that's what makes the community fun.

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luke_oh(zone 5 NE Ohio)

Thanks for the information and words of encouragement. I also have about 30 Lovell root stock, I just checked them and they do have bark slip. Now I know what to look for. I'll probably start working on them tomorrow. I may need to come back with more questions. Thanks luke

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