jonagold apples

grape-2006August 1, 2013

Is jonagold apples good tasteing?

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I think so - they are one of my favorites that can be bought at a grocery store

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It is my favorite from a local u-pick place. But this year I am going to try to test every variety from 3 orchards to determine my absolute top 5 favorites. Jonagold is both sweet at a tart. it is crisp and keeps well. I grafted several trees this year including Jonagold and compared to Liberty and Enterprise it appears to be a more vulnerable tree to cedar rust and such. I don't use chemicals, just baking soda 1/2 cup to a gallon for cedar rust, so they are fine.

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luke_oh(zone 5 NE Ohio)

They are one of my favorite tasting apples. You can try for yourself soon.

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alan haigh

They are often winners in taste tests when eaten fairly freshly picked. Big, juicy, sweet, aromatic apples that hold their texture when cooked so are also good in the kitchen.

They are relatively reliable annual bearers.and altogether a grower friendly tree except for their reluctance to develop secondary branches when young.

One of my favorite sweet types. I like a couple of the newer (redder) sports more than the original strain.

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I planted Jonagold seven years ago because it was always one of my favorite tasting apples when I would go to the 'pick your own' apple orchards. It was very slow to bloom. After five years it had one apple. Best apple I ever ate! After that there were five and now finally seven years later 12 apples. PIE!!! hooray! It is slow to establish, but once it seems to get going the apple crop seems to double every year. I hope that keeps up! I have five other apple trees, but Jonagold is my favorite. (It will go up against my French heirloom apples that arrive next spring). Mrs. G

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