How far north can Crips Pink be grown?

TurCre(5 SoCentral NE)August 11, 2014

Curious as to the farthest point north Cripps Pink apple has been grown and still produced mature fruit? I am in zone 5b generally first hard freeze is mid October. I know it is a late maturing apple.


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alan haigh

I don't think there is quite a definitive answer on that, but it is said (an article in Goodfruit) that it ripens further north than was previously expected, It gets pretty good here in Z6 in a normal season. Spring was late this year so I will get an idea how it might do in a typical season in Z5. Won't know till Nov.

It can take a very hard freeze. Last year 25F didn't hurt it as far as I could tell.

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TurCre(5 SoCentral NE)

Harvestman your Goodfruit reference lead me to some more sources. I see there are some new strains of Cripps Pink, "Maslin" is one of those. Supposedly it matures 3-4 weks earlier than the original Cripps Pink. Any chance you know of a supplier of Maslin for a non commercial grower?


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