Question about young pawpaw seedlings

pezzuti9(z5 PA)August 11, 2013

This past spring I have planted 3 very small pawpaw seedlings. Only one of the 3 produced a few leaves.
They were stripped from the seedling by some animal I think. The main thing is that none of these seedlings have grown any larger or produced any leaves except for the one mentioned above. They are all still flexible and when I scratch s through the bark they all still shows a green color.

These three trees where grown from seeds two of them had a tap root one did not when planted.
What I want to know is should I keep them planted and hope that next season they will bear leaves and start growing or invest in more trees. I am only using these for pollination purposes.

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I may order another round of seed just to be sure. They are odd plants which dont germinate untill june - august. They put out a bitof growth befre going formant. Most of the germination istheseed sending down a tap root.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I tried overwintering paw paw seedlings (that were all very healthy) in the garage in containers one winter...they all died...

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I have two which I planted last fall. Both grew leaves this year but very slow growth. If they pass the scratch test I would continue to keep them as if they were alive. Paw paw seedlings put most of their initial energy in the development of their tap root. You need to hope that that is the case.

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Same with me frank. Ive read they are better to germinate in the ground. Any little bit of root disterbance, and they start to decline. If i get more seeds they are being sowed asap after recieving them.

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