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bkay2000August 9, 2013

I want to plant 3 small fruiting bushes/trees on my parkway. A friend has given me a fig that he started from his fig. I was thinking of adding a pomegranate and a peach.

I can't find a recommended variety of pomegranate. All the articles say it gets too cold. Yet I remember pomegranates here as a child. I also had some ornamental pomegranates that did well. I just didn't care for them and cut them down. And yes, they were frozen to the ground one year, but came back just fine.

I'm rethinking the peach idea, as it looks like they may be high maintenance. There are several peach trees within 1/2 block. Any other idea? This is mostly for fun, and I hate spraying.

We have alkaline soil. We get 750-850 chill hours per year. I would assume I'm on the short end of that figure, as I live in the city and there's lots of concrete.



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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


Low Maintenance trees are Persimmon and Jujube. For Pomegranates: Wonderful, Cloud and Cranberry do well in the Houston area. For peaches Flavor Rich, Regal, and June Gold do well in Texas.


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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

Persimmons; fuyu and/or giombo or eureka. Celeste fig. Sugar cane jujube if 40ft from house. Desertnyi Pom. Yes, peaches are very high maintaince here.

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bhawk, why 40' from the house with sugar cane jujube? I assume that would be just as true for any other jujube varieties? 40' seems like a really long ways (and I planted two jujubes about 15-18' in front of my house.)

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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

I hear horror stories from Korea of jujube roots cracking foundations and getting into water pipes. I have suckers 35 ft from my contorted so jujube, and I've heard of suckers 50 ft away. But I have no first hand bad experiences.

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Thanks, I'll look into that fig. I'm not sure of the variety of fig I have, as it's a gift. He lives a mile or so from me, and it does well for him, so I assume it will do well for me.

I went searching and found some info on A&M that suggests Al-suin-nar, Russian 18 and Salavatski as pomegranates for North Texas. I don't see those mentioned here. Are these alternate names?

I hadn't thought of a persimmon. I'll look into it.



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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

Salavatsky was very sour for me; like Wonderfull & Parfianka; perhaps my very alkaline soild is to blame. It was cold hardy, grew well, hard seeds. Russian 18 is aka Texas Red, I haven't tried that one. Most of the Texas trials were done in the New Braunfels area, I believe.

Asian pears can be kept small with pruning, perhaps a Shinko Or Shin Li. My Shinko has done well for 2 years, but posters in colder climates say its bland. My Shin Li hasnt fruited yet but Texas A&M recommends it.

My Eversweet is indeed sweet, but there's no acid, its boring. My Sweet hasnt been productive but tastes good. Desertnyi is both productive & good tasting to me.

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Al-Surin-Nar is a juice only pom. The seeds are like little pebbles. Texas Agri-Life recommends the russian ones for productivity and cold hardiness. Best are Salavatski and Surh-Anor. Surh-Anor has seeds about as hard as wonderful and much more productive in a humid environment.

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