peach tree...plum tree.

ChicagoDeli37August 25, 2012

Im from Chicago and was curious if I planted a plum

Or peach seed. Will a tree grow here with cold weather?

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It's not that the trees won't grow - they will, if they sprout. It's that planting seeds is a very iffy way to get a good fruit tree. Also, the plum may not be self-fertile. Some are, some aren't.

Also, if you're planting in a small urban space, you'll probably want smaller trees, and seedlings may be bigger than you have room for.

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I have a huge yard. I want to plant a tree right in
the middle.
I love peaches and plums but could go another
way if I need to.
I also could Start the tree in a big pot inside with
a light if that'll help. Even do a few different ones
to see with comes up better.
Is there someone I could buy those seeds?
Any help would be great

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Why don't you want to buy a tree?

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Yeah...I didn't even think of that. Good idea.
Do they even sell plum trees in Chicago?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

I'm sure they do, Chicago. You would want to wait until your bare root season starts to plant your stone fruit trees. Check with your local nursery and find out what peach and plum trees work best in your area. Plums usually need a cross-pollinator in order to bear fruit. Spend a little time researching and reading up on how to grow stone fruits in your area. They require come care - regular spraying program, regular fertilizing, regular pruning. Your University of Illinois Extension Program along with your local Master Gardeners can help you to get the knowledge you need to maintain fruit trees in your area.

Patty S.

Here is a link that might be useful: University of Illinois Exension: Fruit Trees

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Generally speaking, most seeds from fruit we eat will not give an exact clone of the fruit you got it from. HOWEVER, in some fruits, you can apparently get close. Due to the parents of most fruit varieties, there is a chance you will get something good, again, just not an exact replica of the parents.

Then, there are some that go a step further, and get relatively close. Peaches are the one that comes to mind, and so do certain plums apparently (ive read greengage plum will, and some types of yellow plums).

IF you have a lot of land, why not? All you do is take cleaned pits from peaches, and stick em an inch into the ground, pointed side up in the fall, just before the ground freezes. If you cant get a lot of pits at once, keep em clean and fresh in the fridge, in moist perlite (you dont want them to dry out). They should come up in May down there.

Worse comes to worse, and they are bad fruit, you can always get scion wood and graft

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Plant a good peach tree, you can get fruit in a couple of years. It might be best to order a dormant bare-root tree online to plant this fall, instead of buying a potted nursery tree.

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