Please help me ID this apple.....

alisande(Zone 4b)August 13, 2013

We must have planted the tree 35 years ago, but circumstances resulted in its neglect for a long time. It pretty much disappeared from our radar. We revived that part of the orchard a few years ago, but June freezes eliminated our apple crop across the board for the past few years.

Now we've discovered this amazing apple: redder than red, great flavor, and fully ripe in mid-August! This is way earlier than any of our other apples. They're a nice size, ranging from 2.5 to 3" across and 2 to 2.5" tall. The flesh is slightly whiter than it appears in this picture, I think, and tinged with red at the edges.

To me it tastes quite a bit like a Mac, perhaps slightly tarter, although I don't have a Mac for a direct comparison. My Macs are still small, and nowhere near ready.

Do you know of an apple that looks like this and ripens this early?


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There is a variety called 'Early McIntosh' that ripens in
August. Regular McIntosh would ripen in late September.

Many years ago an orchard I worked at had some Early
McIntosh. I thought they were great and wondered why the owner did not plant more of them. His answer was
"come back next year and you will know why". I did
work for him next year and found not an apple on the tree. Early McIntosh is terribly biennial bearing. Not good for a commercial orchardist.

I am not sure if this is what you have but it might be a possiblity since you mention it tastes like a McIntosh.

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megamav(5a - NY)

The only other one I can think of that I've had that tastes like McIntosh, is small, red, and has that shape is Empress.

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alisande(Zone 4b)

Spartan-Apple, could Early Mcintosh have had its named changed to Jersey Mac? Based on this description, I think this is my apple. I'll have to see if it produces anything next year or not.

Jersey Mac

Thanks, both of you!

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