Matsumoto fuyu persimmon

bossyvossyAugust 22, 2014

I tasted the fruit and fell in love but I've killed 2 trees so far. I suspect
I overwatered to death. Both where bare root plantings. My third and last shot is a potted plant that awaits planting. Need your wisdom please. Houston area , z9a

Also, though I've been watering daily while it awaits transplanting, I notice leaf curling. It wasn't the best looking tree to begin with, but felt lucky to find a rooted plant locally. Why are leaves curled??

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More pics

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Last one

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


Your persimmon tree still look healthy. Use you finger to test for moisture. If the soil feels moist then don't water it. Most trees don't want their feet too wet. You need to find a well drain spot in your yard for this persimmon tree. Use your finger test to avoid over watering and roots rot. Good Luck.


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Agree with Tony. And if you have typical Houston clay soil consider a raised bed when you plant in-ground. Usually plants drown more from poor drainage than over watering.

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Raised bed for a tree? I planted today digging a hole twice as big as 7 gal pot, I mixed compost with soil. Hubby has warned me this is my last shot at person, lol

Thanks for your input

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Do what you want but why expect a different result?

For tree number 4 try the raised bed. They are a life saver in soils with poor drainage.

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I lived in the Sacramento California area Before moving back to the St Louis, Mo area. That area was great for the Fuyu Persimmon. Most of the growers were on hillside acreages. If you think about it the hillside growing provided great drainage for the trees. You can reproduce those conditions by providing a raised bed for the tree or by planting the trees on a slight mound.

My observation is that when most people say they have dug a hole twice the size of the container means they've dug a hole twice the depth of the container. When you do that after the soil settles in a few months to a years your tree will end up being in a well which holds to much water and drowns out the tree.

You received good information about your planting the tree so it will survive.

If it was me I would plant a 7 gallon pot at least 4"-6" above the level of compacted soil.

Good Luck on your Persimmon.

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fruitnut I I did not mean to bruise your tender ego. I thought it was OK to question a recommendation, no? I thought you were supposed to plant trees at the same level as they were in the pot. So I was surprised to hear about a raised bed for trees. Hope your ego heals fast...

Jbraun, when I said a hole twice as big, I should have said wide, which is what I meant. I might plant a little bit higher to allow for settling. I have several fruit trees that have done well planted this way, it's just the persimmon that is giving me fits. thanks for good wishes, I'm going to need it on this one.

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You still plant the tree at the same level it was in the pot using a raised bed. A raised bed is the best and pretty much logical choice if you have poor draining soil. You can watch all kinds of videos on youtube to see what they consist of.

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