pears brown in center

marricgardensAugust 26, 2012

Our pear trees, about 8 years old, are now bearing fruit. We were eager to taste them and the outside was delicious, however when we bit down further, there was brown around the core. What causes this? A fungus? These trees were labeled as '3 variety' trees when we bought them. Any advice? Marg

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alan haigh

That happens with many types of pears when allowed to ripen on the tree- unless it's the result of codling moth, in which case the seeds would be eaten and you could see a tunnel.

Many varieties of pears need to be picked when still hard, stored for a couple weeks in the fridge and then ripened at room temp for about a week to soften. Otherwise they rot in the center by the time the outside is perfect or sometimes the flesh is very grainy.

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Thanks! I didn't know that about pears. We get very strong winds here sometimes and more than half the pears fell off the tree. Could we have collected them and put them in the frig? Marg

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alan haigh

if they are sweet and hard. If they are still bitter they don't seem to improve a lot in my experience.

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