Can I grow blackberries in the shade?

jmgoff(7)August 4, 2012

Can I grow blackberries in the shade? I wood like to grow blackberries in the woods behind my house and need to know whether the plants will grow or not.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

They'll grow but in full shade probably not produce much. They do great in partial shade or under 50% shade cloth.

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It depends on the density of the canopy and the type of trees. We used to have a woodlot at the end of the street, since clearcut and developed, that was secondary growth of a mix of black locust, a few smaller red or black oaks, and a smattering of ash and silver maple, but mostly black locust. With some small clearings of say 20 feet across, and canopy open enough for dappled sunlight at various times of day. Blackberries and wild black raspberries thrived in there.

Might also depend on the variety and species of blackberry, too.

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My Prime Jans do well in mostly shade. they get a few hours diret sunlight in the morning though. Not huge producers but they do set some decent sized berries.

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