Rasberry Plant Failing this year NY

MikesurfAugust 2, 2013

I am in the 3rd year of harvesting rasberries. The first year obviously was when I planted them and I had an ok harvest. Last year was a great year where I could go out every morning for the summer and get a nice handful. This year it is been extremely weak. Just a few berries and many of the stalks have turned brown or the fruits just turn black, I do see some late bloomers so i'm hoping August is better. But it just doesnt look good.
I know it is a biennial so ca it just be that this is not a great year for it? We did have a cold spring ( NY area).

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I have the same thing this year. Plants started out great and look basically dead at this point.

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Cold and damp conditions in the spring might have resulted in an overgrowth of fungal disease. If that is the case, it would be best to cut down and clean up the raspberry patch, and hope that it regenerates from the roots next spring.

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Root disease is suspect in raspberries when previously young healthy plants decline in the following year.

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Root disease for potted plants as well? Especially with 4 different plants in 4 diff pots?

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