Caroline Raspberries

mrsg47(7)August 26, 2012

What a huge surprise. I'll take pics when they get riper, they are just beginning to turn to red. I am truly shocked as these 'twigs' from Norse Farm are bearing a monster crop of raspberries their first year. I only bought five of them and that is all I will need, (for now LOL). Are they always this precocious? I have had other raspberries on the property for over seven years and I've never had a crop like this! The stems are just laden with berries. Who knew?

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Mrs G,
We have similar results with the primocane Heritage. We planted 150 sprouting roots in a 15x20 plot. We prepared the soil with goat manure, kelp, volcanic ash minerals, in April. Come memorial day weekend we transplanted them and hit them with Mycorhyzal fungi. Two weeks later foliar kelp.
Out of the 4 rows we picked 45 quarts the first year.
The second year we picked 140+, same next year, then came the little flies with the worms on overripe fruit.[We must have not picked that day]
This year the plot is exhausted and I'm thinking of moving it to a different location.
I remove the canes and dispose of them off premise.
It's a wonderful berry for processing as a little goes far. Nectarine blush Jam. Just a touch of raspberry
I also like purple royalty, as far as floricanes go, but suspect there are more interesting types though.
I want to try hybrids like Boysenberry and newer similar types. One thing at a time.

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Noogs, that is incredible! I will be able to put up rasp. jam with this first crop. Don't you wonder if this will happen next year with the right food and mulch? Thanks, Mrs. G

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

Wow- that's an insane yield. I've actually got about the same amount planted (~80' of several types), with far lower yields.

I planted 5 Caroline last spring (Rolling River) and got about a dozen berries in late June (they were on the plants when I got them potted from CA). Then, in September I got a light crop from the primocanes. I got a very light crop earlier this summer. Over the last 2 weeks, they've started their fall crop. I get about 6-10 berries every few days. I'd love to be able to describe how many quarts I'm getting, but the most I ever collect is a handful, which I often bring in for the kids to devour. That was the fate of the berries pictured below (though those are Prelude, not Caroline, along with Anne and Prime Jan).

But, this has pretty much been the case for all the raspberries I've grown so far. I think it has to do with the weed pressure. I've been much more successful in keeping the weeds down with Triple Crown blackberries, as they come from central clumps and I can mulch the heck out of the rest (they also form an impenetrable canopy). I haven't been able to keep the weeds down without killing the raspberries (doesn't kill all, but I don't get many canes breaking through) and not mulching leads to weed patches with low yields. It's actually crossed my mind to take some out and put in more fruit trees as at least then I can just dump lots of wood chips on the area...I'll probably give it another year and try to find a mulch which works- I read old leaves could be an option. Pine bark fines may also stay loose enough for the berries to break through.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Push them and make sure they have water, especially in the heat. Keep track of the plants that 'escape' as they're pretty invasive and use them to expand. At least Heritage is invasive. Pretty soon you'll have a big patch. We love free munching. During the season lay cardboard between the rows. keeps the weeds down. Congratulations. Mmm.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Bob- Those berries look good to me. Are you in full sun?
What are you adding? When we get these awesome years we begin harvesting Aug 7, with the 15th being full swing till first frost, keeping up with water. We had a whole chest freezer full,etc. That's all we bring to Potlucks. Raspberry stuff. Raspberry this, raspberry that. That's why I planted an orchard of DIFFERENT stuff. Gotta love it...
Good luck.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

Too many raspberries sounds like a wonderful problem to have. The ones I get are good- just not enough (10x wouldn't be enough :)).

I used 10-10-10 delayed release fertilizer both last summer and this spring. Last year I used drip irrigation, but never set it up this year, so they gone un-irrigated. We got plenty of rain early on though- there was only one 2-3 week period where it was hot and dry.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

We did things organically andi it makes a big difference in the heat. Sounds like you need some manure to build your soil up. It helps hold the water.

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I've found that Raspberry with Rhubarb makes a far better pie than Strawberry/Rhubarb. I'm in zone 7 where they don't ripen at the same time so I usually make this pie from frozen fruit - its still a hit.

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Is anyone out there having issues with cane blight? It seems to be everywhere in my state the past two years. The
fall bearing types (primocanes) and primocanes on summer
bearing varieties are fine but the floricanes on summer
bearing varieties are hit hard.

I have seen a lot of home raspberry patches in bad shape on
the summer bearing floricanes. It has gotten so bad that
I hesitate to suggest growing summer bearing varieties.
Are others in other states having this issue?

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