Cornus mas Fruit Ripening

Bradybb(wa8)August 29, 2012

I have a small Cornelian Cherry whose fruit are getting ready to harvest.This is the first crop.What is the best way to process these,to separate the seeds?I'd like to make a sauce.

If anyone has experience,please let me know.Olga,I'm calling your name.Thanks,Brady

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Actually, they should be riper than that for best flavor, IMHO. I wait until they're almost a burgundy color. You could experiment and see how you like them, though.

I found a pretty easy method, actually, a lot better than trying to pit by hand. I wash, then put into a kettle with maybe an inch of water in the bottom, bring to the boil, turn back to a simmer, cover, and let cook about 10 minutes until mushy. Then, I have a colander with holes just the right size, the pits won't go through. I use a wooden or plastic spoon to press the entire mass against the sides until all flesh is extracted. Set the entire colander into a large bowl to collect the flesh and juice.

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Oh yes,I'm going to wait a bit longer.I wanted to have a plan though when the time comes.Thanks,Brady

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

Waiting until the fruit is truly ripe is absolutely crucial for cornus mas. Many, many people have gone from "I hate this fruit/inedible!" to "I really like this fruit", when they wait until they're ripe. I gently shake the tree and pick up what falls. I have to do this a few times during the harvest season. Picking them from the tree usually results in not ripe enough fruit. I eat some fresh, but freeze most for the winter when I don't have much fruit. They fight against colds and flus.
John S

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A few fruits fell off the other day and they tasted okay,somewhat astringent.I'm sure they will make good preserves a little later.Thanks,Brady

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Brady how did you do with your C. mas harvest? You can see my blog post if you'd like. My experience is outlined there....

Here is a link that might be useful: Cornus Mas harvest 2012

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I did get a small crop,plus I went to the nursery that it was originally bought from and received permission to pick up the fruit off the ground from their other plants.That gave me a couple more pounds.
I used denninmi's method of preparing them.It was kind of difficult separating the seeds,but it tasted great with a little sugar.Very good with vanilla ice cream.
Thanks for your post.I'll have to look into the Victorio Strainer. Brady

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Good idea to connect with the nursery! The Victorio Strainer is indispensable in our kitchen. We put a lot of different berries through it. The first one I bought was on ebay. Then on our annual trip to Lopez Island, WA I found one at the free store. What a score!

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chervil2(z5 MA)

The ripe Cornelian cherries make an excellent jam. This year I tried pickling the unripe fruit in brine and the taste was like olives.

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Hey Abbie, Thats cool! I've heard that the unripe fruits can be cured like olives. Did they cure in a similar way? Did the cured pulp come off the stone like a regular olive?

Today I roasted some C.Mas seeds in the oven and ground them into a coffee. Cornus coffee isn't quite as good as dandelion or chicory but it is unique. It has kind of a nutty flavor. I might try a stronger brew next time. My first cup was a bit weak.

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