Plum Tree puzzle.

rotdogAugust 14, 2012

A plum tree grows nearby. At least 20 years of age, 12' tall, loaded with fruit every 3rd year or so...generally skips between good harvests. Ripens in June. Fruit is bright red generally sweet, juicy, and perhaps 1.5" dia. for largest fruit. Skin is thin and skin is tart, while fruit itself is sweet. Not a bush. Perhaps a > Mexican plum or a Chickasaw plum? ?

What is this and where to buy one? No fruit this year so cannot grow from a seed.


Tulsa, OK

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Hard to say variety, but a couple notes about plums. The inconsistent bearing is usually caused by overbearing one year and recovering the next. Best to reduce fruit load to bear each year.

As far as planting seed, Most Japanese plums (if that's what it is) are not self fertile, and seed won't come true, and also may grow too tall/large if not on a grafted rootstock.

Suggest you go to an reputable garden center and purchase plums that are small trees so you get harvest sooner, as it takes a long time for plums to mature. I would consider getting two trees that are known to pollinate each other. The plum near you may work as a pollinator, but you don't know for sure, so best to get two known ones to be sure.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Your guess of a wild plum is as good as any, that sounds like what most of them are like. Oikos sells many wild plum types.


Here is a link that might be useful: Oikos plums

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