Seedless Concords - not seedles, or not concord

peachymomo(Ca 8)August 22, 2012

Two years ago when I planted my grapevines I got 'Seedless Concord' grapes from two different sources, one online and the other from a local nursery because it looked different than the one I already had.

So, two years later both have fruited and the fruit is ripe on one and close on the other. One looks just like my neighbor's regular seeded concord vines, from the color of the new growth to the color, shape, and size of the berries. So I tried my first the other day and it tasted exactly like a concord, down to the large seeds. I tried more and every grape had seeds, so this is a concord grape that is not seedless. The other vine has seedless fruit, small, dark purple in long, well-filled clusters, and it has none of the flavor I expect in a concord. It's just sweet, no foxiness or whatever. That is the one that is fully ripe, the concords are still about half green, tart but easily recognizable.

So of my two vines, as far as I'm concerned, neither is a Seedless Concord.

Years ago I saw a Food Network show that featured a woman who made pies out of seedless concord grapes, and I really want my own vine to make wonderful pies out of. Has anyone had luck with this variety? Is there a particular cultivar that anyone can recommend for pie making? I read about 'Thomcord' which is a seedless cross of Concord and Thomson Seedless, think I should try one of those?

I guess it all boils down to this: What is the best seedless grape for pie making?

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I have the same thing concord with seeds. Never believe the nursery. First they get drunk then they label their trees. They don't care do you think we will go ask for refund 2 year after the fact. Any way grape seed mas medicine value. I am looking for a grape tree which is seedless called BANATY. It is middle east native and i can not find it here

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