Looking for sweet cherry scion wood for Spring

andyinnycAugust 2, 2013

I am located in Mercer County, NJ (near Princeton). My Dave Wilson 4-1 cherry was decimated by the deer ($!#*(' deer!).

So, while the rootstock is still very much alive I will need to regraft the tree in the Spring.

I'm looking for multiple varieties of scion wood to regraft.

I know that I am really early (not requesting cuttings until the trees go dormant), but I wanted to start a dialog with some growers so that I can have an idea of what I may have when the time comes.

I'm willing to pay postage, etc. and hoping to get the tree restarted.

So, let me know if you have a cherry that is aimed for the Northeast (not interested in growing a pretty tree without edible cherries ) and may have some cuttings available come Fall/Winter.


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I have an emperor francis sweet cherry tree. It is the last of my sweet cherry trees left. The rest got destroyed by cherry leaf spot and root rot. Cherry trees are high maintenance because of the deer's preference for cherry, fungal diseases of the leaf and soil, japanese beetles, and the birds and squirrels at harvest. Cage it in with wire to stop the deer. Keep in mind that there are cherry plant patents in effect on many cherry varieties. Consider tart cherries they are a little easier for home gardeners to have a good crop.

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