Mango resin

jones_87August 25, 2013


About 2,5 years ago i planted a mango from seed. Its been standing in my window sill and occasionally outside on my balcony. The soil is a mix of general garden soil and coco. I live in Norway(6) so this project is most likely not to be succesful. But I give it ago anyways..

Recently my mango plant started to make some resin underneath the leafs. I�ve tasted this sticky stuff and its somehow sweet to the taste. The bees seem to enjoy this resin and whenever I but my mongo outside they come flying.

But whats does this resin mean? Hormonal shift related to fruiting? Defence against pests? Getting rid of sugars due to salty soil?

I hope someone here could give me an answer of whats causing this.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Any chance you can put one of those links in the box for "optional URL?"

When the url is in the message, it adds spaces which, in this case, are challenging to locate in such long urls.

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Looks like dropbox requires sign-in, can't see images even with spaces removed.

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Mango sap acts like low-potency poison ivy to many persons. When we were bad little boys in the marginal tropics we would use it to that effect on the thought-to-be deserving.

BTW: I think it's nuts to click on a hidden URL posted on a public board. I like seeing the whole address. I post addresses in the text block too, to conveniently reassure others who are wary.

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