Summer pruning black raspberries?

eskotaAugust 27, 2012

I'm growing some Logan black raspberry plants on a 5' trellis, and pinched the growing tips earlier this summer, to encourage branching. Only problem is now the branches are growing long and heading towards the ground to do the tip-layer thing.

Does anyone have good luck with these? Do I need to pinch them again? I don't really understand where they form berries- is it at the tip like red raspberries?


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Your black raspberry plants will put out fruiting spurs next year at most of the leaf nodes along the length of the main cane and all branches.

But there is a limit--if your branches are thin and spindly near the ends, say 1/8" thick or smaller, prune at that point. Any canes past that point would have made very small berries, if any.

If you prune too soon, the branches will put out even more spindly branches, so wait until autumn when growth slows or stops. Any tip-rooting that happens by then can be easily uprooted, or, just keep the laterals off the ground.

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