Brazel Berries Raspberry Shortcake

catfishhowardAugust 12, 2014

My Brazel Berries Raspberry Shortcakes l planted the middle of May are looking pretty bad, only 1 of the 4 had berries this summer and now they are dying off which is expected for old growth, but I don't see any new growth for next year, should I cut these down to the ground now? or do these start growing new canes next spring?

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How frequently did you water them? If I recall correctly, don't you live near Atlanta? That's a hot climate for raspberries, so you would probably have to water them pretty frequently to keep them going.

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I water them every 3 days if it doesn't rain. I did had some miracle grow liquid feed through the sprayer head attachment.

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I would probably just wait until late Winter before I pruned them back. If you didn't get any new growth this year then you won't get any berries next year. This variety fruits on 2nd yr canes so at best, you won't get berries until 2016. If it were me, I'd return them and buy some primocane fruiting raspberries that would produce a crop by next Fall. If you purchased potted primocane fruiting plants with some growth on them, you could possibly get berries twice next year. You can get the money back just not your time and effort.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I'm watering my blackberries with a weak solution, one teaspoon per 2 gal, of Miracle grow at every watering both pots and inground. They are growing like weeds. So you might try more fertilizer.

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I just discovered new growth coming up from the ground and growing from the old canes. I guess I will let the new sprouts grow and cut out all the dead tops in winter. I'm glad I didn't cut them down thinking they were dead.

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