Protect in place or pot and move?

bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)August 19, 2013

I have decided I want to grow mango and despite all the predictions of global warming I am still getting 1-5 sub freezing nights a year.

Weighing the pros and cons of planting the mangoes in ground and having a structure I can quickly protect them with or put them in 30 gallon pots and on the cold nights and have a way to tilt them and wheel them in to the garage. I have a tractor with a FEL so lifting them wont be an issue.

I have settled (I think) on Carrie and Pickering. Both are dwarfs and I will keep them under 10 feet tall.

For a structure I was considering something more substantial than fabric, perhaps 4 sided structure held together by hinges with permanent anchors in the ground to tie it down to? Something that could go up in 30 minutes would be nice.


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melikeeatplants is full of South Florida (and some central Florida) growers. They mostly post about Mangos you should check with them....

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Bamboo, why dont you try the northern palm truck, and try erecting a temp structure, and wrap the tree in C9 christmas lights? This allows some palms to grow in Montreal, Toronto, Utah, Iowa and Wisconsin.

The most common I have seen are a large semi insulated wooden box. The easiest I have seen is making a "cage" around the tree with bars or slats, and doing a double wrap in 8MM vapor barrier, then throwing in the lights. IMO the temp wooden boxes should work the best, as they can take damage a bit easier.

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