Yellow Delicious vs Golden Delicious

lifespeed(9B San Jose)August 5, 2009

Are these two names for the same apple? I am planning on grafting one to my Gravenstein. I am not sure if these are actually two distinct varieties.

Just trying to figure out what to look for when I go chasing budwood this winter.

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Yes, they are two names for the same apple. However, there are many different strains of GD developed over the years, some of which are quite different from one another. Most, if not all of these are the results of "sports", since crossing of the apples would result in a different apple.

For the many years during which GD was a very popular commercial apple, the objective of breeders and growers was a clear-skinned apple with deep yellow color. Newer strains are more likely to be clear-skinned, or with minimal russeting, while the older strains, while not as attractive, might have better flavor and better keeping qualities. So you still might have some choices to make in the source of your scionwood.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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lifespeed(9B San Jose)

I'll check and see if those GD trees are still alive at my childhood home and the owners are amenable to me taking a snip or two. They've got to be at least 40 years old.

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alan haigh

As grown here, old-strain YD is far superior to the newer strains I've tried but still only barely good enough to eat by my tastes. Some people love it, though, and plum curculio often leaves it alone for some reason I'd love someone to explain to me.

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

My 12 ft Yellow Delicious bloomed for the first time. Of course it rained every single day and the bees were kept inside their hives. The beekeepers in the Long Island Bee keepers club report 90% reduction in honey this season. Since using Immunox the apple trees have no rusts or mildew. Next year I hope to taste a few Yellow delicious off my tree. There are two names for the same tree. When the patent expired on Golden Delicious the still trademarked name had to be changed.

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lifespeed(9B San Jose)

@Harvestman; I ate them as a kid, I am sure they were old strain. When picked before they're fully ripe they taste better.

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The original strain is also known as 'Mullins', and in my opinion it is the best strain for eating out of hand.

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alan haigh

It is still a very low-acid apple which does not appeal to everyones palate. It does have a distinctive fragrance so I wouldn't call it bland but it's not exactly exciting either- unless, of course, you combine it with the nostalgia of childhood.

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I have a YD and I am anticipating planting another. Yes, the YD are crisper and more palatable when picked before full ripeness. However, I am planting it for pollination purposes, as it is self pollinating. Where might I find a Mullins, named after the guy who found the original that Stark brothers eventually bought?

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