What is the effect of not enough sun on plum tree?

ginjjAugust 2, 2012

My fruit trees no longer get 8+ hours of sun, more like 6. This is due to the neighbors trees getting big. Does this lack of enough sun result in getting almost no fruit, getting a small crop, or no effect on the amount of fruit?

The two trees I'm speaking of grow vigorously with lush green growth, just no fruit.

I'm thinking of removing them and starting over with new trees in much more sun.

I do not need much fruit, would be happy with a couple dozen. Neither of these trees have given me even a dozen fruit any season.

I think the primary reason I have gotten little to no fruit off these trees is that when I did my reading 12 years ago before buying these, the literature said a pollinator was not necessary, it would increase the yield, but it wasn't absolutely necessary. I did not plant a "pollinator."

I planted a pollinator last January, a Santa Rosa Plum so that problem is solved. The question now is will 6 hours of good sun be enough or should I start over with new trees?



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One problem with shade on plums is increasing the likelihood of brown rot. Another reason to start over in a more sunny location.

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Can you kindly ask your neighbor if he can trim the top of the tree so that it allows you to get more sunlight?

Also, "full sunlight" is equivalent to 6-8 hours of sun. As long as you're getting at least 6 hours, I think you should do fine. You might just get less fruit than what you're use to, but I don't think you'll get anything significantly less. Of course, someone with more experience in this area will be of more help to you.

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On one side of me are two very very tall Italian Cypress. They cast morning shade for probably 3 hours. I have offered to pay the price to remove and replace those trees with something smaller but the husband says no, it provides "Feng shui" for them. They are Chinese.

The Oak on the other side that has grown a lot in the 37 years I've lived here. That home is a rental and the tenants ask the landlord to trim the trees and he does. I think I'll ask him to trim some more. Thanks for the reminder to keep asking.

I like your suggestion of keeping the trees. The time, worry and money I've put into these trees for 12 years makes me hope I can keep them.


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