Deer Prunning My Blackberries

Fred_1933(7b)August 29, 2013

I don't have any positive proof, but I think the deer(s) are eating the cane tips on my Tripple Crown, Apache, Natchez, and Quachita new growth canes. My blackberry patch, which consists of 14 plants have florecanes from 10' to 20' in length, and they are tied up on wires running from 4"x4" treated posts. I've checked these new growth tips each day and notice most all have been eaten off. I don't have any evidence of any other culprit that may be eating the tips. And I don't see any deer tracks around, although, I have bark mulch around all these plants and down each row the deer may still be coming around at night. The blackberrty patch is some 100' from the house. I also have two Prime Jan plants that are about 5' tall with new growth (which has thorns) and the deer don't eat them...

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That occasionally happens to the blackberry canes that protrude from behind my electric fence. I don't think the deer actually like blackberry plants that much, but it's more of a curiosity "tasting".

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Deer eat plant here first year then don't any more, but they take to liking of berries when get ripe with few ripe one they eat all berries black red and green one. A big are medium size dog helps keep them at bay. If in dogs protected area he show you his protect area by marking area your presents beyond berries give dog signal to protect that area.

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Had some black 1" netting in storage. Just finish installing it around the whole blackberry garden. I had 100' X 10" wide that I could staple to the out-side of the posts. If it's deer they will have to jump the netting. Might wake up tomorrow morning and find some deer all tangled up in the netting.

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