Blueberry and strawberry questions!!

RPost78(8A)August 26, 2013

Can anyone identify what type of blueberry plant I have? I had two but one died so I have to get another one this winter when they go on sale. So, no fruit from it yet. I recently moved it from the front to the back of the house and its doubled in size in the last month. I guess it was too hot up front.

As for the strawberry question, when will I start seeing fruit? I had a small strawberry hanging basket last year and it has produced a few strawberries. Usually enough for the birds to pick through or me to just pop in my mouth while I'm outside. This year I have planted a few more plants and they have multiplied into many plants, but no flowers or fruit since early this spring. They are sequoia.

What are some common pests I should look out for? I have had some pest issues with my zucchini and cucumbers this year that I didn't have last year. They came with a vengeance this year! I don't want that to happen next year!

How cold tolerant are strawberries? I won't be able to move them this winter.

I'm in Central Texas.

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Closer view of blueberry plant.

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Here's my strawberry setup. They started as 3 plants and now they are growing everywhere. I would ultimately like to fill the entire raised bed with them by next spring.

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Do nothing. By next spring that bed will be full and spilling over.

Well, do one thing. Pull out those onions.

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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

Sorry, can't help with the blueberry.

My onions and strawberries love one another. They happily grow in the same bed.

I never let young strawberry plants create too many runners. I pinch out all but one or two. I want them to direct all their energy into establishing themselves the first year. In their second year i get heavier crops and at tge end of the season I let each plant create 1 or 2 new plants. In thier third year I allow the plant to produce as many offspring as possible and then I get rid of the original plant at the end of the season. 3 -4 years is a good life for most strawberry plants.

I do have one strawberry plant that's been around for 5 years or so. I got it at Aldi and its a strange powerhouse of a strawberry plant. As long as it crops heavily I will leave it be. Sooooo, maybe your strawberries will be like my mine and produce over the years.

I hope that helps.


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