Is this blackberry orange rust ?

Sal73-IrelandAugust 12, 2014

These spots have appeared about two weeks ago on some of the leaves. The plant is one year old and overall looks healthy. I'll be glad to know your opinion before I dispose of it.
Upper leaf pic

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under it

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one more...

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last one I promise

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I have only seen orange rust once in person on black raspberries and it appeared similar but much more dispersed over the underside of the leaf. Looking at images of orange rust, I noticed that the top surface of the leaf appears brown or yellowish / orangish instead of purple. Given that you are in Ireland, there may be different types of orange rust there that differs from what we see in the States. I don't know of anything that causes the orange pustules on the underside of the leaf but there are several diseases that cause the purple color on the top side, like anthracnose. I would suggest checking with a local nursery to be sure.

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Thanks Jtburton. I 've seen severe cases of orange rust on the wild brambles around here and mine looks like is very minor compared. The folks from the nursery told me to wait and see if it gets worse and spread on more than just a few leaves before I tore it apart and burn it.

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