Recommendation for Serviceberry for Zone 9, Northern California

akaurgardener(9)August 14, 2014

Hello garden friends!

I'm looking for a recommendation for a service berry tree to add to my garden. I really love the transitions and I saw one in Southern California. It was a tree and looked so lightweight like a Japanese maple.

I'm looking to plant it next to one of the posts of my deck as that space needs some vertical height and color. I'd like to keep it dwarf size, no more than 6-7 feet, ideally. At first I thought I'd plant a dogwood for the white flowers, but then I liked the idea of a Japanese maple there, until I saw a serviceberry! So gorgeous!

I really love how it goes from white flowers to yummy berries to fiery red/orange. Gorgeous!

I'm in El Sobrante - coastal Northern California, Zone 9. Is there a particular serviceberry tree you would recommend for my area and purposes? I don't mind the mess of a fruit tree (we have a mini orchard in the back and share it all it with the birds and natural wildlife surrounding us).

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The tree could have been Autumn Brilliance.The tree will grow in zone 9,according to some nurseries.
I tried a few of the the berries and they reminded me of Apple. Brady

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