Planting a crooked pear

dwf15010August 23, 2013

Today I bought a pear tree that I'm preparing to plant. It grows straight for the first 6-8 inches and then has a sharp bend in it, probably 35-40 degrees.. I am thinking about planting the rootball at an angle so that the majority of the trunk is going straight up. Is this ok to do? Thanks!

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I would put the roots in level then stake the tree without putting excessive pressure on any one spot. The kink in the first however many inches will basically be absorbed as the tree girth grows in the next several years

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I was told to plant those guys at an angle. It doesn't matter a whole lot, the tree will grow into it, but its easier if you start out with a straight top part. That angle is the graft where the one bud grew out of.


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Either method will work; I have used bothe. cckw's method works fine, since I find it beneficial to stake all young trees to ensure a straight start with no wind driven bending.

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