Summer Budding

itheweathermanAugust 18, 2013

Is it possible to bud apricots in summer? Is it hard?

Would you guys give me some tips, please.

I will bud a flavor delight aprium (patent expired) onto a Marianna 2346 rootstock.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Yes...very easy. I've always had good takes with apricots...

First u need the equipment:

I sharpen the knife so its razor sharp. Its a perfect budding knife in my opinion. Also need rubber bands and parafilm (seems what everyone likes to use)

This is apple bud:

Here is where i cut a "chip" to insert that bud (important...make sure they match width...remember green to green)

Here is what mine look like when i wrap them:

(this is not the apple above/its a peach)here is what they will do in a few weeks/month...notice the color (the bud looks alive=probable success)

I'll bud some Tomcot this afternoon and puts some pics on here... I'll dig out the tripod.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I T bud like the nurseries. You don't need parafilm to T bud but the bark needs to be slipping on at least the rootstock. You can also T bud when the size of scion and stock don't match.

There are plenty of tutorials on You Tube.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I did bud some Tomcot this afternoon, but wife wasn't around so no pics/video (her camera)... My best advice is to go out and practice practice practice... I'm about 99.9999% sure i have influenza right now so i'm at about 20% on the energy level... Hopefully this week i can get out with the wife and try to get some good pictures or video of chip budding.

I have never T budded, but that is only because i've had good success chip budding.

Remember...the bud you remove from your bud wood...its best (not necessary) that BOTH sides of the cambium (if you look at a bud you can see the green cambium running on both sides) touch the cambium on the spot you are placing the bud.

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Is this rootstock---Marianna 2624---too small to be budded?

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Not if you can find matching wood... Remove a chip bud from your aprium and match it with a spot on your rootstock... Take out your chip on your rootstock and set the bud in and wrap it tight with tape, rubber band and be done.

Really, you are just making the same cut twice

good pic:

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Chip budding always strikes me a problematic due to the impossibility of getting the chip and the bud the same size and shape.

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Ltilton, I think that chip budding is pretty straightforward, and it helps that you don't have to worry about tender bark. I like chipping, except that it does seem to place the the bud on a funny perch. But I've never had a problem with "perched" chips breaking off. (I use chips sometimes a backup on w&t or cleft grafts.) You might grow to like it. I actually had a chip take on apricot!

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Thanks for all your replies.

One more question, If I bud it this week, when will it break dormancy?

I'll probably bud it onto a peach rootstock because I need the Marianna 2624 rootstock for another project. I want to graft my proprietary plum hybrid, "Winter Green" it's a cross between a Mariposa plum--seed parent---(prunus salicina) x Myrobalan Krauter Vesuvious Cherry-plum--Pollen parent (Prunus cerascifera). I Will be patenting it in a year or two. Then I will sign a contract with a Nursery so they could grow it and sell it for me (and I will get the royalties from them).


"Standing for science, standing for America's future"

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Nice looking bud work Frank!

With two threads currently discussing summer budding, I thought I'd post some pics on this thread. The other thread "Can I graft multi fruits to a mature peach" is getting so long.

Following are some pics I took tonight of some budding I did a couple weeks ago (not near as pretty as yours Frank).

Here is a pic I wanted to show because I don't recall seeing anyone else do this. Notice on the left it has two chipbuds in the pocket (side by side). I do this sometimes on bigger rootstock. I just cut a big pocket and line up two chipbuds to fill the space. It seems to work pretty well despite cambium contact on only one side of each chip. One of the chipbuds died on the top. They do that sometimes but as long as the little leaf bud is alive it will sprout. I believe the little leaf bud is alive in this case.

I prefer to do T-budding, but when the rootstock is big like this one, I do chip budding since the bark is harder to manipulate for T-budding.

The rootstock has a fork, so I chip budded both trunks.

Apologize for the fuzzy picture.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Here is a T-bud (which is the method I prefer). You can see right beside the little leaf bud the rootstock bark wanted to pull away during callusing. That's why I think it's helpful to wrap the whole budgraft in parafilm to keep the moisture in.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

I do a lot of budding on small roostocks. Here is a row of rootstocks from pits I planted last summer. Peaches don't seem to grow fast when planted close together in a row, plus this row is near the drip line of a peach tree.

Most of my rootstocks are volunteers under peach trees. Those don't grow very fast either. They are in constant shade and competing against the large tree overhead for nutrients and water. Many times these rootstocks are also pretty small. The grafts pictured are on rootstocks about 1/4" in dia.


If you bud now, the budgrafts will stay dormant all winter. In the spring, just before the rootstock starts pushing growth, cut the rootstock about an inch above the budgraft. The budgraft, if it's alive, will start pushing growth along with other buds on the rootstock. Keep those other buds rubbed off so all the energy goes to the graft. On a vigorous rootstock you may need to rub the other buds off twice a week.

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ooooh, they will stay dormant all winter, no wonder why all my previous grafts never "broke dormancy"---- I gave up. I thought that they would break dormancy in just a few days, so I discarded all the dormant budded buds.

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Today I budded apriums buds onto my Myrobalan cherry-plum x Mariposa plum hybrid...

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itheweatherman cherry buds onto my Moorpark apricot x Myrobalan plum hybrid...

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...and nonpareil almond and Elberta (seedlings) and aprium buds onto my two -in- one tree: gold kist apricot and burgundy plum. The Rootstock is lovell.

They are grafted onto lovell suckers.

First picture: almond buds.

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Second picture: Elberta peach seedling buds.

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Third picture: aprium buds.

* All aprium buds that I budded are from Flavor delight aprium (patent expired).

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