Avacado Tree re-growth?

kanoli(z9 No CAL)August 3, 2013

I purchased a "mature" little cado tree a couple of years ago...it was about 8ft tall. Over this past winter, we had an extended freeze and the top 5 feet or so died including the trunk. I ended up cutting it off because it looked ugly but where i did cut, it was completely dry and dead.

The tree is still alive at the root and for about the first 2 feet of trunk, but i'm wondering if it will ever grow upwards or if it's just going to remain about 2.5ft tall?

I havent been able to find anything on the web about it's ablity to regrow to it's height.

I also recently noticed standing water in the planter which futher hurt the tree but it's now recovering and i see buds on the few existing branches.

If anyone knows if this will regrow, and even maybe how long it might take..it might help me to decide on buying a new one or sticking with this one.


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Kevin: your tree is unsuitable for your area. Pull it out and plant a Mexicola Grande or Zutano or else you'll have similar heartbreak in the future.

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K...I am not sure if you bring the container in during frosts or what your protection is. If your winter nights consistently get below 28-30...that is a problem. Make sure the re-growth is above the graft. If so....it will re-grow fine. I have to disagree with FN...Zutano and Mexicola Grande are not well-regarded as far as fruit quality (they are hearty). As a mater of fact...Littlecado is not known for great taste either. Go to the UC website and find a hearty avo that tastes OK. Yea, I know taste is subjective. Some just taste rank. Why grow something you do not enjoy eating?

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Hi Kanoli,

I live in zone 9, in Northern CA near Sacramento. Despite the winter lows dropping in the mid 20s, my next door neighbor has a mature healthy Hass avocado. Sometimes, some branches will die back (one winter had several nights at 19 degrees!), but they always regrow.

So last year I planted a Little Cado and my next door neighbor gave me a young Stewart to plant. My back yard is too tiny to grow a Mexicola Grande. Despite erecting a canopy with frost cloths during cold nights, then adding a 75 watt incandescent trouble light under each tree, they both froze off their side branches and main growing tip. After consulting with neighbors and co-workers, I replanted 2 new healthy ones this spring and plan to hang old fashioned incandescent christmas lights around the tree to give more warmth under the frost cloth canopy during the frost nights. If that doesn't work, then I give up.

I think it takes patience and dedication to establish an avocado tree in our zone, but it can be done!

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kanoli(z9 No CAL)

Thanks for the feedback.

I bought the little cado specificaly because it's a small one and i've seen multiple articles that it works well and will fruit in a panter. My main purpose to get the little cado was to keep it small, and keep it in a planter fo a few years until i finally move to a new house.

While at summerwinds nursery the other day, i saw a different type of avacado...i forget the name, but it had a fruit on it already and it was only in a 5 gallon pot! (my original little cado was in a 15 Gal and a heck of a lot more expensive than a $40 5 gallon). Makes me think about getting one of that variety and replacing the one i have now. but i have to go back to see the type and see if there's any details on growing in a planter.

My little cado had no problem last winter...this past winter though here in San Jose area we had an extended freeze for about 2 weeks and that's what did it in. I'm confident they will grow here in a planter. Maybe I'll buy a new one for the planter and put the old one in the ground.

anyway....bummed at the current status of the tree but hoping it will turn the corner.

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