Apple blooming again

instengAugust 1, 2013

I have a Golden Dorsett Apple and it started blooming again about two weeks ago. Will it put on a second crop of apples at this time of year? The tree was planted this year and has about 6 apples on it though they are all small right now. With the strange weather we had this year it broke dormancy late and never leafed out completely. We finally had some good rain and immediately after that it started blooming and putting out fresh growth. It has been growing good all year except for bare spots on the tree. After the rain all my fruit trees seemed to put in a lot of fresh growth. Though this is the only tree that has bloomed again.

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I have seen this before. Last year in early fall there were wild apple trees blooming. These trees were hit by something earlier in the year and lost most of their leaves. I dont know if it is brought on by some stress (I dont know if it was insect or disease) . Another time I was picking pears in a commercial orchard and there were pears growing that were like 3 weeks old growing with pears that were fully mature. I dont think yours will have time to mature, though they may start to develope. It will be interesting to see what happens. It sounds like you maybe had drought conditions where you live?

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"It sounds like you maybe had drought conditions where you live?"

Yes drought and a late spring. I had to wait until really late for this area to plant my garden. Watering the trees helps but they don't due as well as when you get rain. Last year we had the worst drought in over fifty years. We have got some rain this year but still not anywhere near normal.

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I have had young plum trees that would have sporadic blooms in july. No fruit.

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