Nectarines rot before ripening?

guatnutAugust 8, 2010

Our nectarine tree is loaded with nectarines but they are still hard and some have rotted and remain on the branch and some really moldy ones have dropped. I can't find any that are ready to eat but have eaten some unripe ones that are delicious but just not ripe enough. It seems they're either unripe or rotten. Anyone know what's up? BTW, the tree is about 13 years old and we had no fruit last year but prior years, the fruit would go mushy even a day after picking them.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Look up brown rot of stone fruits.

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alan haigh

Injured fruit ripens first- sometimes from coddling moth which can leave quite a bit of edible flesh but some rot in the center. There's always going to be some wounded fruit from something.

If most of the fruit remains sound I wouldn't worry about it but pick off any fruit that shows rot so it doesn't spread- although in S. CA that may not be much of a threat.

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Jean, I think it may be brown rot. The tree was not taken care of when we moved in. It had terrible pruning of large branches so I'm grateful for any fruit at all, really. As I said, the fruit tastes good so I'm going to pick some and see if they will ripen a bit in a brown bag. Thanks for both the responses. And yes, harvestman, there seems to be always something attacking the weak!

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