Should I Prune Some Mulberry Branches

Bradybb(wa8)August 20, 2012

I planted this Black Mulberry bare root early this year.It has grown a little with some new leaves.

In the picture,there are some branches that have no new growth on them.There are buds,but I think they might be dead.Is it okay to prune these non-growing branches off now or will they pick up growing later,or should they be pruned later? Thanks,Brady

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Scratch the bark and see if is green. Or what I do is start cutting at the tip until I see the green. If it is all dead well its all pruned off now.

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

I would prune them off. I did and it was fine. The black mulberry is not as hardy as some and I will get some die off on tips just like that in a harsh winter. Cut it off and the tree should do great. You will love the flavor! Black mulberry grows slowly but it is in my opinion by far the best tasting.
John S

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Thanks very much guys. Brady

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Another reliable test my wife once showed me is to feel the temperature of the stems. Compare with known live ones with leaves on them. If the stems are dead, they will be warmer to touch then the live stems. If they are warm, they should snap right off. Cool, and they are likely still viable. This method works year round, even when the tree is dormant.

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