Peach tree pruning

wardog25August 14, 2012

I have a 2 year old peach tree that is growing some new lower branches and they all want to go straight up. They are getting longer and longer, but still are at about an 80 degree angle with the ground.

Will they sag down in time or do I need to do something to encourage that? I want the lower branches, but I would like them to go mostly outward instead of upward.

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So you like a tree that looks like a bush. I have some like yours and I air-layered them, They rooted good but still with the mother tree. I am planning to plant them in pots until the root get established then transfer them to ground in early spring.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Some peach trees naturally grow more upright than others.

If the shoots are too upright, the weight of the fruit won't pull them down. You can simply pull them down yourself if you want to with a little cotton string and some wire clothes hangers.

Take your wire clothes hangers, straighten them out and cut them in half. Bend a little hook on one end and push the other end into the ground where you want to bend the peach shoot down. Tie a big loop around the peach shoot and pull it down to the angle you want, and tie it off to the hanger pushed into the ground. As long as the shoot isn't too big, the hanger anchored to the ground will hold the shoot down.

I've done this countless times.

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I just weight it down with a gallon plastic milk container filled up with water with a rope tie between the branch and the handle of the container. Make sure the container is in contact with ground.

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great, thanks for the info!

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alan haigh

String to a stake and string is a safer way to spread branches- or branch spreaders. Weights sometimes break branches in the wind.

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