What is eating my fruit trees?

MangotheMerrierAugust 8, 2014

Hello all,
I am an avid reader of this forum and am in need of some idea of what is causing and how to fix a problem.

I live on the central coast of Florida. Southern Brevard County to be exact. We have five acres on a creek I have planted several fruit trees on away from the natral areas of the property. Mangoes, Avacadoes, Tons of citrus, bananas, apples, a peach and POM's. Originally it was only eating pummelo...now it has eaten my pummelo, flame grapefruit, tangelo, keitt mango, started on my kent Mango, and two of my three Avacadoes, and both apples. I have coated all trees with seven and put bug pellet/slug killer around the bases. I have found deer tracks right up next to the trees but it doesn't look like deer are the culprit as you will see from the attached photo. The stem of the leaf is still attached to the tree and half circles are bitten into the leaf. No sign of any insects caterpillars or grasshoppers on the tree. I've set up a game camera in the area just to verify it's not the deer heard.any help is much appreciated!!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I think you'll likely find that it's the deer eating your trees.

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The arched "smoothness" of the cuts looks like caterpillar feeding to me, but you should have seen them. Despite the game cam, I suspect that it's the deer like fruitnut said. They have an uncanny way of being elusive to their nasty deeds.
If you see hoof prints and you have apple tree damage it's basic 1+1=2 sort of math.

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