Protecting grapes with motion sensor sprinklers

tmc2009August 27, 2012

These worked last year so I set them up again. They are motion sensor sprinklers that you can set the sensitivity on. I think the water and the sound scares off the critters.

Here is a link that might be useful: Motion Sensor Sprinklers

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Before I fenced my property I used them to fend off the deer and they work very well. Far as coons just trap them and relocate them (from above ground to below).

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glenn_10 zone 4b/5a NewBrunswick,Can.

I wish I had of thought of this 2 days ago!I had some new grape variety come into fruition this year and the vine was loaded, 2 more weeks and they would have been ripe...until Saturady night when 4 coons stripped most of them off!2 got away but 2 were stopped dead in their tracks.I must say raccoons are my biggest foe,not only do they rip open garbage cans and eat fruit or corn etc. before you get to eat it they also do major damage to branches and plants when they move their fat bodies through.I have a live trap which I normally have set all spring through to fall and catch and transients that wander through.I loaned it to a freind for a month and now this!I caught 36 coons last year and there seems to be no end!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I am now using four motion detection sprinklers after the deer got too used to the stink spray I was using. They work well but need to be moved around: they will soon figure out where the sprinklers are not and just go there if they are not moved. So, plan on moving them twice a week if you have a large enough area where the whole cannot be directly covered. In general the key to placement is to keep the surprise factor high, change the direction they face, the side they are on, etc any parameter you can mix up to shake them up. You can daisy chain them off one hose.

I also put a timer on the hose at the base so it only runs at night, I don't want to be spraying me, kids, or other random people in the yard in the day, and I am only after the deer with my sprinklers and they don't come during the day.


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