Buying blueberries - need some help before I do

JustAnotherGardenerAugust 18, 2012

I was planning on buying bare root blueberries from Finch but from what I read on the site, they only ship from November-April.

November around here has a chance of snow (though with abnormal weather conditions for the past few years, who knows?).

Would it be ok if I bought the plants for November and planted them in the ground then?

I could also just prepare the beds now and order them for planting in March/April. The only thing holding me back from this is that I also read somewhere on this forum that the quality of the plants shipped from Finch around this time were not as of good quality as those from November/December were.

Thanks! :)

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Wait to get yours shipped in early April so you can go right into the pots/ground with them. Right now you should get a jump on soil preparation, particularly PH. You'll need to apply granulated soil sulfur to lower the PH if you're above 6 and watering with hard water.
See if you can buy locally.

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Wait until April I did buy blueberry early and the results was not good. If you want to gain from my experience try to find a nursery who ships in small pots Bare feet shocks the roots and it takes long time to recover.

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I think November would be fine............whether you buy in November or April, either way the plants are going to arrive dormant. If the ground will be solid in November then wait til April, otherwise it shouldn't matter. More important is getting the soil right..........


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Sorry for the late reply, but I just wanted to thank you guys! :)

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