Area to plant fruit trees vs. garden

ally7August 26, 2012

Good morning everyone!

Hope you are all having a great day so far. Have a quick question about area of garden to plant fruit trees and veges. I live in North Orange County and my garden will be on the southwest area of my property along the fenceline. It has been portable (containers and raised beds) lately due to remodeling. My neighbor's land (to the west) is about a foot higher than mine and they have built a 2-story enormous building which now begins shading my land earlier than normal. I usually plant a vege garden of squash, tomato's, peppers, cuc's, etc.., but I also have several fruit trees in containers that really need to go in the ground. They are all semi-dwarf (lemon, lime, 2 peaches, cherries, apple, orange).

Due to the size of the fruit trees potentially getting from 6-10 feet in height, I thought it would be better to plant the trees to the immediate west closer to the fence, and then the vege boxes could go alongside of the trees. This way the veges would get the east sun as much as possible before being "lost" in shade and the trees could still benefit as well. Does this sound logical?

Sorry for the lengthy post!!


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Sounds right to me. In your sunny climate, unless you get a lot of fog, most plants do alright in partial shade. So if your fruit trees are shaded part of the afternoon they will still produce good fruit.

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Thanks for the reply fruitnut!! Really appreciate your input. It sounded right to me as well, but just wanted another opinion. Can't wait to get back to a normal garden!! Growing out of containers has been a challenge for me.

Thanks again!!

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