Apple tree problem

Matter921(4)August 11, 2013

This year our Haralson apple tree has been doing very well. However, over the past month or so many of the apples have gotten some brown marks, almost like little channels. So far these markings have mainly remained on the surface, but some apples are now cracking. I attached a photo of one of the severe cases. What is this problem, and is there a way to treat it?

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If you see this russetting marks on most of your apples, it could be frost damage during bloom. Then as the apples grow that area maybe doesn't stretch? as well as normal apple skin and causes cracks. I have this same damage on many apples and some split pretty early in the spring. Are these split marks only in the russeted area?

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Were your Haralson sprayed with any pesticides? I ask because I also grow haralson. I use Imidan for insecticide but not on Haralson. Imidan is phytotoxic on
Haralson. When I tried it on Haralson, I got lots of cracking/russeting and then ladybugs/wasps getting into the fruit.

Now I bag all my Haralson and the fruit is nice.

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Thanks for the responses. The cracking only shows up on the marked areas. Spartan, I didn't get around to spraying my tree this year, so I don't think that is the problem. Hopefully this is just some sort of frost damage as KG suggests. Then I don't have to worry about pests or diseases.

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